The Trip Planning Essentials™ course teaches you the importance of planning your trip, what to include in your plan, and the importance of leaving a written plan behind before you leave.

We will also cover essential gear to include in your bag/kit/pack that is relative to the environment you’ll be in, along with how to think about planning your gear in general.

Other areas we’ll discuss will include:

  • Why Bother Planning?
  • What To Do Before You Leave
  • The “Rules of 3”
  • Shelters, Hypothermia
  • Finding Your Way (Map & Compass vs. GPS)
  • Signaling, Personal Locator Beacons (PLB)
  • Water – Collection, Filtration, Purification
  • Got Fire?
  • First Aid Considerations
  • The Effects of Panic
  • What To Do If You Become “Lost”
  • and more!


Course Length:
Approximately 5 hours

*Under 16 years old requires parental consent and instructor approval.

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