Shelter is one of the primary requirements in the outdoors, next to water and fire, when things go wrong. Along with learning how the body transfers heat (and why that’s important to know), you’ll learn several different methods to quickly build a shelter, as well as the various myths to avoid that can quickly get you killed.

You’ll also learn what to avoid when planning your shelter space, and how the environment, climate, and season will affect your decision-making process.


This is a HANDS-ON course, conducted completely outdoors, rain or shine.

The time to learn and practice these techniques is before you are put into a survival situation, not in the middle of it!

Course Details:
Duration: 5 hours
Class Limit: 6 students
Tuition: $150

*ALL students will receive free survival blanket upon successful completion of this course.

Upcoming Emergency Shelters Courses:
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