Knowing how to build a fire is an essential survival skill that is slowly being lost with the abundance of backpacking stoves and other modern devices. Fires are important because they provide warmth and light, the ability to cook food and purify water, and fire keeps the BoogeyMan away. Firemaking is one of the oldest skills known to man, and can mean the difference between life and death if you have to spend an unexpected night in the wilderness waiting to be rescued.

In this course, you will learn and practice methods of starting a fire using modern techniques and equipment WITHOUT USING MATCHES OR LIGHTERS. You will also learn the basics of the “Fire Triangle”, the difference between kindling and tinder, and the best fuels to use in inclement weather.


This is a HANDS-ON course, conducted completely outdoors, rain or shine.

The time to learn and practice these techniques is before you are put into a survival situation, not in the middle of it!

Course Details:
Duration: 5 hours
Class Limit: 6 students
Tuition: $150

*ALL students will receive a free firestarting device upon successful completion of this course.

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