Are all water filters created equal?

In the last few years, the number of people making product recommendations has exploded, due in part to the growing number of “survival/prepping” podcasts/blogs/YouTube channels/etc. Which is great for the manufacturers & suppliers, but not so great for the consumer.


Because not everyone who makes a recommendation on a particular product is very knowledgeable in its usage and/or specifications, and because of that, they may not always give you the most accurate, informed purchasing recommendation on what they think is “the best” you should get.

For example, I was listening to a podcast episode whilst enjoying my morning coffee, and the individual was reading off a list of recommended products to purchase for your favorite person as a gift (some were pretty cool, and others were just gimmicks, but that’s a post for another day.) Included in the list was a particular water filtration device, and they listed a number of false “facts” about this particular filter. While they were reading the list, they came across a few words they had obviously never encountered before and couldn’t pronounce. Not a big deal, you say?

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