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Wilderness Safety Institute, LLC provides professional training in Wilderness Medicine, Wilderness Safety & Survival Skills, and Urban Preparedness. Our instructors focus on the “Why?” that’s usually ignored in most courses to emphasize true learning of the core concepts, instead of just covering the material needed to receive a certification card.

Classes are offered to the general public, private organizations, all levels of government, and to anyone looking for information & training on being better prepared for most situations.

We are located in the Texas Hill Country, between Austin, San Marcos, and San Antonio, and offer mobile training (we come to your location) in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, Oklahoma, California, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Please contact us for details or to schedule your next class.

All of our instructors are seasoned professionals, with real-world experience in Military, Emergency Medical Services, Search & Rescue, and Law Enforcement. We train and prepare our clients for real-world situations based on our own experiences along with proven best practices and science.

Upcoming Courses:

WFA and BWLS courses for 2018 are currently being scheduled.