Most people who enjoy the outdoors are prepared to deal with most “typical” situations that may arise during their activity – minor weather changes, forgotten or broken gear, insect bites, and so on.

Each year in the U.S., there are thousands of search and rescue missions for lost and injured hikers, climbers, mountain bikers, hunters, boaters and other outdoor recreationalists. Of those individuals, how many got up in the morning thinking that would be the day they would need to be rescued? Probably none.

What would you do if you were forced to spend an unexpected night in the wilderness – lost, with no fire, water, or shelter? It might be quite enjoyable on a nice summer evening with lots of stars out, but what happens when it starts to rain, and the temperature drops? What if you or your travel companion becomes injured and can’t make it out until morning?

Don’t fall into the “Not me!” mentality – the denial that the worst-case scenarios seen on TV and read in books can’t happen to you. Having the knowledge to plan for the worst-case scenario, coupled with some basic items in your pack (and the knowledge of how to use them) can mean the difference between staying alive and getting home, or making the news.

These courses are designed to prepare you with the BASIC SKILLS to help you AVOID these types of situations, and to deal with them should they ever become a reality.

Available Courses:
Trip Planning Essentials
Fire Building Basics
Emergency Shelters
Water Purification/Filtration
Basic Map and Compass Reading

(more courses are being added due to customer requests)


It CAN happen to you!
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Colorado, 22Jan2015:|Broomfield hiker found on Longs Peak in November died of hypothermia
New Mexico, 03Nov2014:|Hiker found north of Santa Fe ski basin died of hypothermia
Washington, 24Jun2014:|Outdoors Writer Found Near Mount Rainier Died Of Hypothermia
Vermont, 06May2014:|Missing hiker found dead in Fayston
North Carolina, 18Apr2013:|Appalachian Trail Hiker froze to death
Missouri, 14Jan2013:|Father, 2 sons die while hiking
Vermont, 09Jan2012:|Ripton hiker died of hypothermia; toxicology report clear
New York, 15Mar2010:|Hikers rescued, but one dies
Pennsylvania, 16Oct2009:|Mechanicsburg hiker died of hypothermia
Wyoming, 13Aug2004:|Hypothermia kills Jackson hiker